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Curwen-Walker Lawyers is the oldest law firm in Ballarat.


Adam Loftus Lynn was the first solicitor in Ballarat, having commenced practice in 1853 after working some months on the goldfields. Mr Lynn was actively involved in the Public Inquiry following the Eureka uprising in 1854 when he was briefed to appear for the relatives of the miner Scobie, whose death at the hands of the Publican Bentley and the unsatisfactory way this was handled by the authorities was one of the events leading up to the Eureka Stockade.


Throughout our history we have been guided by a Mr Curwen-Walker. Henry Cleburne Curwen-Walker practised in Ballarat as an “Attorney Solicitor and Proctor of the Supreme Court of Victoria” between 1892 and 1920.  His son John Curwen-Walker was the Principal of the Firm from 1924 up until his retirement in 1970 when his son and, John Curwen-Walker, took over the Firm.  

John consolidated the practice to provide Ballarat’s leading advice on conveyancing, business law, wills and probate, leases and contracts in general.

Since November 2019, Tom Sullivan is the managing Director of Curwen Walker Lawyers and the firm will continue its long-standing tradition of providing quality legal services to the Ballarat and Central Highlands region.

Curwen Walker Lawyers